Mountain Musher Dog Sled Rides

Call: 970-653-7877

Operating December through March
(weather & snow permitting)

Trails are just minutes from Vail in Wolcott, Colorado

Mountain Musher Dog Sled Rides

About Our Dogs and Horses

I have been raising and training my dogs and horses for many years. I taught myself to dogsled. The way I train them is resistance free for both dogs and horses. Dogs and horses don't learn by pressure but the release from it. Make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy. This way they think it is their idea to do the right thing, not yours, which makes it resistance free. This may sound easy, but to release at the proper time you need to understand and communicate with what they're thinking. What I'm trying to say is your dealing with a person who is fantatical about dogs and horses and has made his life's ambition to understand and love the animals. Even though you use the same techniques on dogs and horses it has a different result with each individual animal. I believe you are born with an innate personality be you human, dog, or horse. You will have these personality differences even though they are treated the same, love and mature equally. Although you can instantly change a natural personality by one moment of abuse. These techniques I use are the same that the so called horse whisperers use.

More About Mountain Musher

We are a family owned and operated company. Wally runs the lead team and trains the dogs. Denise answers the phones and takes your reservation. Denise also makes the pumpkin bread that we serve at our break on the trail. Our daughter Sarah is a part time musher and has been a musher for 14 years. When she is not mushing she makes wedding cakes and sells art work and takes care of her daughter who has become our mascot. Sarah married Cameron, a musher who came to us 12 years ago and has become our son in law, father to our granddaughter, and runs the back sled. Brock is back for his fifth year from Pennsylvania, he works for Outward Bound in the summer. And lets not forget Bill, our best friend who has been here since the start of Mountain Musher in 1989. Bill is now working part time as a musher and van driver. If you have the pleasure of meeting Bill you will know why we put him in charge of entertainment.

Dogsled tours aren't something we do just to make money. Animals are our life and we cannot imagine our life without them. Our dogs are so friendly and pet like, because they know we truly love them.

Sled Dogs in the Aspen

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